Active Metamaterials: Terahertz Modulators and Detectors by Saroj Rout, Sameer Sonkusale PDF

By Saroj Rout, Sameer Sonkusale

ISBN-10: 3319522183

ISBN-13: 9783319522180

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ISBN-13: 9783319522197

This publication covers the theoretical history, experimental tools and implementation information to engineer for communique and imaging software, terahertz units utilizing metamaterials, in mainstream semiconductor foundry methods. This ebook will supply engineers and physicists an authoritative connection with build such units with minimum history. The authors describe the layout and building of electromagnetic (EM) units for terahertz frequencies (108-1010 cycles/sec) utilizing synthetic fabrics which are a fragment of the wavelength of the incident EM wave, leading to an effective electric and magnetic homes (permittivity and permeability) which are unavailable in ordinary materials.

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11 Gate-controlled active graphene metamaterial. Schematic rendering of a gate-controlled active graphene metamaterial composed of an SLG deposited on a layer of hexagonal metallic meta-atoms. Metallic patterns and dielectric materials are represented by yellow and grey, respectively. The polarization of the incident terahertz wave is perpendicular to the line electrode, as indicated by the arrows [147] Fig. 12 Structurally reconfigurable THz MM fabricated on bimaterial cantilevers. (a) Schematic view of a portion of the metamaterial structure highlighting how the SRRs rotate as the cantilever legs bend.

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