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In this ebook moral structures are defined within the language of arithmetic. generally arithmetic is believed to be a technology of volume. certainly, manipulation of amounts constitutes a lot of arithmetic. hassle-free utilized arithmetic bargains with reckoning and size, the place concrete amounts are items of cognizance, similar to counting sheep or weighing corno however the operations on those amounts are played with assistance from symbols, from which concrete referents were 'abstracted out': three + five = eight whether the symbols stand for numbers of sheep or lots of corno hence, the 1st precept that shows the ability of arithmetic is abstraction. it truly is one ofthe 3 pillars on which the edifice of arithmetic rests. one other pillar is precision. mostly, guy communicates via phrases. W ords serve communique to the level that they check with issues, occasions, states of affairs, emotions of the speaker, etc. those are the meanings attributed to phrases. conversation is profitable to the level that the meanings coded upon phrases by way of the speaker correspond to the meanings decoded by means of the hearer. As is weH recognized, the measure ofthis correspondence varies greatly in several contexts of discourse and with the again­ grounds or attitudes of the audio system and hearers. arithmetic is a language during which the meanings ofthe symbols (the 'words' ofthis language) are completely distinctive. This precision is completed by means of abstraction. summary phrases are outlined via their kin to different phrases and through not anything else.

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In aH advanced cultures we see the phenomenon of an individual's preoccupation with concentrating attention on his own inner states and with the search for evidence of evil and imperfection in himse1f; oriental meditation, Christian repentance and modern group therapy serve this purpose. Let us construct the basis of the two axiomatic ethical systems. These systems differ only in their first two axioms. System I (1) Confrontation of good and evil is good. (2) Compromise of good and evil is evil.

Therefore, if A doubts the eorrectness ofbis image of hirnself and does not doubt that ofhis adversary, he always feels guilty when he has a bad intention. Structure 2: a A+B _ =a aa+b+b , where A == aU + 6 and B == b. FEELING GUILTY, CONDEMNATION, DOUBT 35 If a=O, Thus, A = band B = b. Therefore, if A doubts the correctness ofhis image of his adversary and does not doubt that of hirnself, he feels guilty when both he and his adversary have bad intentions. Structure 3: where A == aä + band B == b.

A doubts the correctness of a + b. 6) will also be interpreted as doubting the correctness of his image of his relationships with his partner; in this case A doubts the correctness of a • b. Now let us introduce the concepts 'feeling guilty', 'suffering', and 'condemnation'. We will consider an individual where A is an image of himself, B is an image of his partner, * is an image of their relationship, and A * B is an image of the situation. Let us introduce the concept the state 0/ an individual.

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