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This booklet presents an intensive and self-contained examine of interdependence and complexity in settings of useful research, harmonic research and stochastic research. It makes a speciality of "dimension" as a simple counter of levels of freedom, resulting in particular kin among combinatorial measurements and diverse indices originating from the classical inequalities of Khintchin, Littlewood and Grothendieck. subject matters comprise the (two-dimensional) Grothendieck inequality and its extensions to better dimensions, stochastic versions of Brownian movement, levels of randomness and Fréchet measures in stochastic research. This booklet is essentially aimed toward graduate scholars focusing on harmonic research, sensible research or likelihood idea. It includes many workouts and is acceptable as a textbook. it's also of curiosity to laptop scientists, physicists, statisticians, biologists and economists.

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59], and has resurfaced since that time in various contexts under different guises. Its first reformulation was an elementary assertion that has become known as the Grothendieck inequality [LiPe, p. 2) m,n where K is a universal constant and ·, · denotes the usual inner product in l2 . 3) (Exercise 1). 4) and the opposite inequality (with a constant) is Theorem 1 (the Grothendieck inequality). There exists κG > 0 such that for all scalar arrays β, β g2 ≤ κG β F2 . 6) where η = sup{|η(x, y)| : x ∈ BH1 , y ∈ BH2 } (Exercise 2).

3)). For x ∈ l2 and y ∈ l2 , ∞ φx, φy = j=2 1 j! x(n1 ) · · · x(nj ) y(n1 ) . . ,nj )∈Nj ∞ ( x, y )j/j! = e = j=2 x,y − x, y − 1. 4), maps the unit sphere in l2 (cf. 6)). Let θ = √e−2 into itself. 5) (cf. 3) x, y = A(x, y) − (e − 2) θx, θy . 6) (cf. 8)). Lemma 4 (Exercise 4). 7) k=0 where the convergence of the series is uniform in the unit sphere of l2 . Lemma 5 Let {xm : m ∈ S} and {yn : n ∈ T } be finite subsets of the unit sphere in l2 . Then, β(m, n) A(xm , yn ) ≤ (4e + 1) β F2 . 8) m∈S,n∈T Proof: Let {Zk : k ∈ N} be a system of (statistically) independent standard normal random variables.

170]. In our setting, a Rademacher system indexed by a set E will mean a collection of functions {re : e ∈ E}, defined on {−1, 1}E by re (ω) = ω(e), e ∈ E, ω ∈ {−1, 1}E . 2) because it makes transparent underlying structures that are germane to these functions. In this book, except for occasional exercises and historical notes, elements of Rademacher systems will always be functions whose domains are Cartesian products of {−1, 1}. Eventually we will distinguish between various underlying indexing sets E, but in the beginning (and for a long while until further 19 20 II Three Classical Inequalities notice) we shall use the generic indexing E = N.

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