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This monograph provides fresh advancements of the speculation of algebraic dynamical structures and their purposes to computing device sciences, cryptography, cognitive sciences, psychology, snapshot research, and numerical simulations. crucial mathematical effects offered during this e-book are within the fields of ergodicity, p-adic numbers, and noncommutative teams. for college students and researchers engaged on the speculation of dynamical structures, algebra, quantity thought, degree concept, desktop sciences, cryptography, and snapshot research.

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The multiplicative group K is cyclic and it has p f 1 elements. Let C D ¹c0 ; c1 ; : : : ; cpf 1 º be a fixed complete set of representatives of the cosets of PK in OK . Then every x 2 K has a unique -adic expansion of the form X xD ai  i ; i>i0 where i0 2 Z and ai 2 C for every i > i0 . 2 The algebraic closure of Qp We now want to construct a field that contains all zeros of all polynomials over Qp . 63. Let K be a field. If every polynomial in KŒx has a zero in K then K is said to be algebraically closed.

This is the field of complex p-adic numbers Cp . In principle, the reader can proceed on the basis of this brief description of the structure of algebraic extensions of Qp and omit coming sections. 1 Finite extensions of Qp Everywhere below we denote by K a finite extension of the p-adic numbers. Let m D ŒK W Qp  denote the dimension of K as a vector space over Qp . The p-adic absolute value j  jp can be extended to K, in the unique way. See [157], [374] or [371] for detail. Suppose that L and K are two finite extensions of Qp which form a tower Qp  K  L.

One more notion from universal algebra that is especially important for the problems considered in our book is a notion of inverse limit of universal algebras. We say that a family ¹An W n D 0; 1; 2; : : :º of similar algebras form an inverse spectrum 'nC1 'n    ! An ! An 'n 1 1 '1 !    ! A0 whenever all 'n , n D 0; 1; 2; : : :, are epimorphisms. j / all i D 1; 2; 3; : : : . Given a k-ary operation ! ai ; : : : ; ai //. Thus, A1 is an algebra of the same type as the algebras An . 1 In this book, we mainly deal with a case when all An are finite (rings or groups).

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