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By Masafumi Akahira

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This monograph is a suite of effects lately bought through the authors. every one of these were released, whereas others are awaitlng booklet. Our research has major reasons. to begin with, we talk about larger order asymptotic potency of estimators in average situa­ tions. In those events it truly is recognized that the utmost probability estimator (MLE) is asymptotically effective in a few (not regularly targeted) feel. despite the fact that, there exists right here a complete type of asymptotically effective estimators that are therefore asymptotically comparable to the MLE. it's required to make finer differences one of the estimators, by means of contemplating larger order phrases within the expansions in their asymptotic distributions. Secondly, we talk about asymptotically effective estimators in non­ typical events. those are occasions the place the MLE or different estimators usually are not asymptotically as a rule disbursed, or the place l 2 their order of convergence (or consistency) isn't n / , as within the normal instances. it is vital to redefine the idea that of asympto­ tic potency, including the concept that of the utmost order of consistency. lower than the hot definition as asymptotically effective estimator won't continually exist. we've not tried to inform the complete tale in a scientific manner. the sector of asymptotic thought in statistical estimation is comparatively uncultivated. So, now we have attempted to concentration recognition on such elements of our fresh effects which throw gentle at the area.

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1 1 1 )=lim R(a -tn-~, n-+OO n~oo lim d @ for 1<0« and every t >0, 2 1 lim L(9 -ten log n)--2-, a )=lim R(a -ten log n)--2- , n-too n-too 1 lim M(a -ten log n)--2-,a) = 00 , e )=0 , n~oo but 1 1 ITiii d (a-t(n log n)--2-, S)( 2(e c -l)"""'2, = n-+oo n where c is some positive constant. If o() 2, then for everyaE® and every t )0, lim L( 1 a -tn--2-, e )=lim 1 R( a -tn--2-, 1 n-too lim M(a -tn--2-, e)= 00 , n-too 9 )=0 , n~oo but 1 lim d (8-tn--2-, a) < 2(e c '_1) n where c' is some positive constant.

1 that there does not exist a consistent estimator with the order 50 greater than order n l / 2 • Thus we complete the proof. Remark: Since A(S)=(a+9 , b+ e), it follows from Assumptions (A. 1) and (A. 2) that for every t fPe(A(e -tc n -1 )) } n = >0 f 1- fb+9 b+e-tc-l f(X-S)dX} n n exp n log {l - exp [nf- and sufficiently large n f :-tc n -1 t~cn-~+ ; f(X)dX] ] O(c n - 2{3)5 ] where K is some positive constant. 3 we obtain the following results. « K 0( 1 (ooeKt _2e-ort +1)1/2 for O

Variance 0- 2 and finite fourth moment. Assume that 19 1<1 and f(u» 0 for all u. n Since the joint density of Xl' . . log fex -9 x ) n dx t t=1 t=1 t 2 t-l t=1 Putting 9 2= 9l+~ • we have I In( ... ITf(Ut t=1 n TIdu t ) flOg t=1 "to =I For smalll61 we obtain J feu) log I f for large 0(A 2 ) . 1) feu) feu-A) du feu) feu-A) f O( A2) • feu) log feu) feu-A) du <00 . ,. = etE(Xo)=O E(X 2 )= e 2E(X2 ) + E(U t2 ) t t-l (e 2 (t-l) + ... 2) = f In order to show that the order of convergence of consistent estimators is ~ , we need the following theorem.

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