Download e-book for iPad: Ayahuasca Visions by Pablo Amaringo, Luis Eduardo Luna

By Pablo Amaringo, Luis Eduardo Luna

ISBN-10: 1556433115

ISBN-13: 9781556433115

The mythologies and cosmology of Amazonian shamanism materialize in terrific style and color during this targeted, large-format quantity, representing the fruit of a number of years of collaboration among a Peruvian folks artist/shaman and a Colombian anthropologist/filmmaker.

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Is a fountain with water capable of giving strength and we see also Maullayruna, a great shaman. this are two beings with an old document in their They are keepers of a tunnel that leads to the S~ Divinity.

The women in the middle are princesses or nymphs called Sukuacra-huarmi; they dance to the music of their icaros. They come from a distant city in the midst of the river. It is a beautiful city full of aromatic perfumed air and many indescribable things. There one can find the most rapid ships, such as the supay-/ancha. Higher up in the picture we see a great royal palace, where muses pompously dance back and forth. The musicians play lutes, producing charming and emotional melodies. A queen and her court-ladies observe all this activity.

This type of yakuruna lives in the largest of the underwater cities and is invoked by the murayas as an ally to control the angulla mama [electric eel], sea monsters, thunder; and storms. Next comes another kind of being, children of the mermaids. They come out to rest by riverbanks, along lakes, and by ravines. Yet further in the background can be seen the underwater realms of great splendour and beauty. One of these realms is an enchanted underwater forest of aquatic plants and seashells containing precious pearls and aquamarines.

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