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15) with X defined as a real number. 16) so that X is the amplitude of the motion and φ is the phase lag of the motion with respect to the applied force. 17) is the classic resonance curve. 3. It is plotted as the Dynamic Magnification Factor (DMF) against the frequency ratio (ω/ωη). 17) the quantity F0/k is the deflection of the mass under the action of a static force of magnitude F0. Under the action of a dynamic force F0 the deflection amplitude is X. 19) The peak D M F occurs at a frequency of ω η ν /ΐ — 2ζ2 and this is called the resonance frequency.

The sample run is for a machine for which m = 220 kg, c = 2775 kg/s and k = 35 kN/m. " 330 GET C$ 340 IF C* = "Y" THEN 30 350 PRINT " " 360 STOP ]RUN SOLUTION TO THE QUADRATIC EQUATION AX'-2+BX+C=0 INPUT A,B,C ? 500020292 ANOTHER RUN? 2) in the usual format of natural frequencies and damping ratio. If these lines are deleted the program provides a general solution to quadratic equations. For real roots no vibration quantities have any meaning and so after printing the roots the program stops. , etc.

The inclusion of damping complicates the analysis (see ref. 3, Further reading, p. 115) and results in limited motion at the whirl speed. 33). 2). The following simple program calculates the roots of the quadratic equation in its conventional general form ax2 + bx + c = 0 The output indicates whether the roots are real or complex and this corresponds to the two cases (1)C > l,and(2)£ < 1. The sample run is for a machine for which m = 220 kg, c = 2775 kg/s and k = 35 kN/m. " 330 GET C$ 340 IF C* = "Y" THEN 30 350 PRINT " " 360 STOP ]RUN SOLUTION TO THE QUADRATIC EQUATION AX'-2+BX+C=0 INPUT A,B,C ?

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