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The idea of algebraic teams effects from the interplay of assorted uncomplicated suggestions from box idea, multilinear algebra, commutative ring concept, algebraic geometry and basic algebraic illustration idea of teams and Lie algebras. it's hence an preferably compatible framework for showing uncomplicated algebra in motion. to do this is the important situation of this article. therefore, its emphasis is on constructing the key basic mathematical instruments used for gaining keep an eye on over algebraic teams, instead of on securing the ultimate definitive effects, corresponding to the type of the easy teams and their irreducible representations. within the similar spirit, this exposition has been made solely self-contained; no targeted wisdom past the standard typical fabric of the 1st one or years of graduate research in algebra is pre­ intended. The bankruptcy headings may be adequate indication of the content material and company of this publication. each one bankruptcy starts off with a short statement of its effects and ends with a couple of notes starting from supplementary effects, amplifications of proofs, examples and counter-examples via routines to references. The references are meant to be purely feedback for supplementary analyzing or symptoms of unique assets, specifically in instances the place those may not be the predicted ones. Algebraic crew thought has reached a nation of adulthood and perfection the place it might probably not be essential to re-iterate an account of its genesis. Of the cloth to be provided right here, together with a lot of the fundamental help, the main component is because of Claude Chevalley.

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The algebraic independence of the elements s(n(u;» ensures that Yf is injective, and that the same is true for the K -algebra homomorphism from K[U] to K(VI I, ... , vrn) obtained from Yf in the evident fashion. By the definition of Yf, we have Yf(s(u» = s(Yf(u» for every element s of S and every element u of U. Therefore, our K-algebra homomorphism is also a morphism of S-modules, and so is therefore its unique extension to a field homomorphism ,: K(U1o···, ur) --+ K(Vl1o· .. , vrn)· Now, restricts to a KS-linear field homomorphism from K(U1o .

Therefore, we assume that F is an infinite field. In this case, it is easy to see that the restriction images in &(E*) of the elements of an F -basis of EO are algebraically independent over F. Moreover, the sub F-aJgebra of (1'(E*) generated by these and the reciprocal of a certain polynomial in them (the restriction to E* of the determinant of any injective finite-dimensional representation of E) is a sub Hopf algebra of flJ>(E*), and so coincides with flJ>(E*). In particular, flJ>(E*) is therefore an integral domain.

P* with (iv ® 6) p*, D 0 If L is any Lie algebra over F, if V is an F-space and p a morphism of Lie algebras from L to Y(EndF(V», then we call p a representation of L on V, and we refer to V as an L-module. Thus, if V is a polynomial module for an algebraic group G, then the extended differential of the representation of G on V makes V into an Y( G)-module. It is seen directly that, with this, a morphism of polynomial G-modules is also a morphism of Y(G)-modules. 2. Let A and B be polynomial modulesfor an algebraic group G.

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