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The principal says I’m doing pretty well and next year I can go to Normal and learn to be a teacher. (Raising her eyes) You reckon I can, Colonel Tom? (6) It is evident from this passage that Sallie knows that placating the man whom she cannot openly recognize as her father and assuming the role of a meek black servant around him and his ilk are the best means of getting what she wants from him and from the white world in general. And she gets it. After Norwood utters a few lines that indicate that he has not been paying attention to Sallie, she continues, “.

William: Sho’ had. Cora: But he never liked him no more. That’s why he sent him off to school so soon to stay, winter and summer, all these years. (13–14) Colonel Norwood fails to “blacken” his son by slapping any notion of whiteness out of the child just as he fails to break any remaining filial bonds by imposing academic exile on the youth. Norwood remains powerless to change Bert’s feelings of both kinship and whiteness because, prior to the episode in the stables, the Colonel him- 26 Germain J.

Contrary to what Darwin T. Turner claims (299), the scene with Sallie is not a distracting digression from the action of the play; Sallie serves as a direct foil for Bert both in her character and Intracaste Prejudice in Langston Hughes’s Mulatto 29 in the better treatment she receives from Norwood. The Colonel allows Sallie to return to school after she has worked and resided in the “big house” during the summer, whereas Bert is prevented from returning to school and forced to live in a shack in the quarters.

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