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By Candas Jane Dorsey

ISBN-10: 192740035X

ISBN-13: 9781927400357

Winner of the 1997 William J. Crawford Memorial Award (for a primary myth novel), this utopian, archetypal tale follows 5 generations of women--from the huge, sadistic despot to her great-great-granddaughter operating in a warehouse--through their travels clear of and towards each other. Loves and deaths are gone through the generations, accumulated on their successive trips, each one stressed personality surroundings others in movement as she seeks freedom and kinship. Candas Jane Dorsey's concise language is strong, telling an excessive tale with no emotional plateaus, purely peaks and valleys, pleasure and grief. this is often an concerning, unsettling ebook. it truly is simply the most effective and so much formidable novels of 1996 and one who will impress inspiration and dialog.

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She considered the chamber again. She had pushed at one block and it was firm-but maybe there were others that were loose. She might push one out and crawl through the hole. She put her hands on one block near the bottom. It was firm. She tried another. It was firmer. " she said, berating it, but the block wasn't fazed. She continued to check, but all the lower blocks were firm. This evidently wasn't the answer. She remained completely sealed in. She sat down, leaned against the wall, and gazed at the dust motes dancing in the thin beams of light.

She looked around, using Metria's left eye. " "So is the come-quat tree," Metria agreed. " But Mentia could not be shamed. " "Sour grapes," Metria agreed. " Mentia looked around again, until the left eyeball was oriented completely to the side. "Let's make it easy, then. " The right eye swiveled. "Of course. " "If the right wing nut flies first, we stay right here. " "Precisely. " Metria sighed. It was as good a way as any. " They watched the two nuts quiver. The right one spread its wings. Then suddenly the left one lurched into the air and flew across to the nearby bolt tree.

Last chance, stupid! " But Metria was beyond sensible restraint. "Well, I'm not ready to give service! Not to any creature who does that to an innocent person. Mara never harmed you; she wanted only to go home. I was trying to help her, because-" The Simurgh twitched one wing-feather. Suddenly Mara was back, exactly as she had been before. " Metria asked, half-stunned. Mara smiled. " She vanished again. "See? She doesn't really exist. " NOT so, WORSER SELF, the Simurgh's thought came, this time stunning Mentia, who had thought her thoughts were hidden.

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