Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz, Martin Edelston PDF

By Eugene M. Schwartz, Martin Edelston

This isn't a booklet only for copywriters and different ads specialists yet a ebook for each enterprise proprietor, advertising specialist or a person who must raise sales.

The it is because is since it bargains with the best way to channel the forces on the market which regulate sales.

Put easily, Gene's booklet addresses the common challenge of all copywriting: tips to write a headline — and an advert that follows it — that may open up an entire new industry.

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In all these cases, the desire never fades; the market continuallv renews itself. New prospects come into the market. Old customers become dissatisfied with their old purchases, their old solutions, and begin to look again. The mass desire—the tremendous profit potential—still exists. But it cannot be tapped by the old, simple methods any longer. Women still want to lose weight. But by now they've read dozens of ads for reducing aids—all promising them to take off 20, 30, 40 pounds in a matter of weeks.

YOUR PROSPECT'S STATE OF AWARENESS 17 Here—in the approach to this market—is the great bulk of all advertising. Here you are dealing with a product which is known—which has established a brand name—which has alreadylinked itself with an acknowledged public desire, and has proven that it satisfied that desire. Here vour headline is faced with one of seven tasks: (a) To reinforce your prospects desire for your product: (b) To sharpen his image of the way vour product satisfies that desire; (c) To extend his image of where and when vour product satisfies that desire; (d) To introduce new proof, details, documentation of how well vour product satisfies that desire; (e) To announce a new mechanism in that product to enable it to satisfy that desire e\-en better; (f) To announce a new mechanism in vour product that eliminates former limitations; (g) Or to completely change the image or the mechanism of that product, in order to remove it from the competition of other products claiming to satisfy the same desire.

They drive. They drive themselves to the limit. They lash themselves over the limit with stimulants. Thev crack. Often, the\- crash. You have seen them afterwards. Pitiful shells. The zest gone, the fire gone. Burnt-out furnaces of energy. "He was such a healthy-looking man " He was. His health was his undoing. His constitution absorbed punishment. Otherwise he might have been warned in time. " You learned the law in physics. It applies to bodies. For every ounce of energy gained bv stimulation, bv whipping the nerves to action, an ounce of reserve strength is drained .

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