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By Richard J. Ziegler, Louise Hawley, Benjamin Clarke

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BRS Microbiology and Immunology is a well-liked quantity within the Board evaluation sequence for clinical scholars. Written in a concise, readable define structure, this e-book is meant to hide subject matters most ordinarily validated on USMLE. incorporated are three hundred to 500 evaluation questions within the USMLE-style layout, and a complete exam.

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5. The answer is B. N-acetylglucosamine and N-acetylmuramic acid are polymerized to form the peptidoglycan backbone of the cell wall. 6. The answer is A. A prophage is the intracellular DNA of a phage and is therefore resistant to protease degradation. 7. The answer is E. Autotrophic bacteria do not require organic compounds for growth because they synthesize them from inorganic precursors. 8. The answer is C. Common pili, adhesins, and the glycocalyx are three bacterial structures that are involved in adherence.

Lysogenic phage conversion refers to a change in bacterial phenotype resulting from the presence of a lysogenic prophage of a temperate phage. 1 5. The answer is D. A selective growth medium that contains a high salt concentration would permit bacterial growth. 16. The answer is B. Superoxide dismutase, which is present in aerobes and facultative anaerobe organisms, protects them from the toxic O2•2 radical. This enzyme is not present in obligate anaerobes. 17. The answer is A. The biochemical activity of an enzyme may be regulated by binding of ­effector molecules or by biosynthetic pathway end-product feedback inhibition.

2) Trp operon: (a) This operon controls tryptophan synthesis. (b) Synthesis of tryptophan is halted by the binding of a repressor protein (tryptophan complex) to the trp operator when excess tryptophan is available. c. Positive control is the initiation of transcription in response to the binding of an activator protein. (1) Expression of the ara operon proceeds only when arabinose binds to a special protein, forming an activator compound necessary for the transcription of the ara operon. (2) Cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cyclic AMP) binding protein, when bound to a specific DNA sequence near the promoter, enhances the expression of many genes associated with fermentation.

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