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Die Arbeit stellt die Hauptlinien der im 20. Jahrhundert in West- und Osteuropa geführten Totalitarismus-Debatten dar, um die besonderen Merkmale von Cassirers Auseinandersetzung mit demselben Phänomen des Totalitarismus zu zeigen. Der Autor konzentriert sich auf Cassirers Kulturphilosophie und politischer Philosophie im Verhältnis zu den dargestellten Debatten. So wird geklärt, welchen "Gewinn" Cassirers kulturanthropologisch angelegte Deutung totalitärer Herrschaft aus heutiger Sicht abwirft.

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Interestingly, the authors emphasize that these transitions have to be viewed only in analogy with the mathematical concept of phase transition. As matter of fact, the latter entails a change of the control parameter of the system—which is an environmental condition, external to the psychotherapy process. Such condition is evidently not included in the study in the case of psychotherapy. The sudden chaoticity jumps we observed are not transitions in the sense of real “phase transitions,” as this would require a change of at least one control parameter.

Empirical Traces of Sensitive Dependence on the Initial Condition Venuleo, Salvatore, Mossi, Grassi, and Ruggeri (2008) analysed the discursive exchange occurring in high school teaching, between students and teacher. , see the use of words like “guys”, “want” “somebody” in a sentence like this: “Well, guys, now I want to examine somebody”, as compared with a sentence like: “Well, students, we must have a test now”). This fine tuning is very hard to recognize in real time, but at the same very meaningful in creating the emotional sense of the social bond (Salvatore & Venuleo, 2009).

With problems of substance abuse—can carry out deep change in their condition, as result of a sudden, rapid and global transition. Moreover, this kind of change is often preceded by periods of worsening of the clinical condition. Other clinicians have highlighted how the clinical improvement can follow a threshold mechanism, as a consequence of the accumulation of a set of 14 R. Lauro-Grotto et al. eliciting conditions, yet none of them enables one to be singularly effective. Finally, many studies on psychotherapy process-outcome show that the clinical improvement—often measured in terms of level of the symptomatology—does not spread homogeneously throughout the course of the clinical treatment.

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