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Besides, CDA is macro-level discourse analysis methods, which means that instead of paying attention to the grammatical aspect of the text within the text, as a separated unit, it deals with those aspects of text, which are in relation with the discursive definition of it. Although more modern version of CDA try to decrease the distance between these two features of the text and make a kind of combination and unity between them in a way that they act as complementary instruments to give to hand a better vision of the discourse and what is going on there.

In addition to this, in the everyday life, the produced texts are not produced in the form of unique separated ones rather they are connected to each other and even they are multi-propositional, so functionalist in addition to dealing with text itself deals with the context and discourse, too. The functionalist viewpoint is not limited just to a special language; instead, it tries to find the common fields of different languages and mostly is equipped with a typological instrument to classify language as the result of this motivation that common cognitive behaviors will give rise to universal linguistics features (Butler and Hengeveld, in the press).

Wherever the researcher is going to link the discourse to other discourses and investigate the relationship among them, or whenever the analyst remembers that any discourse is not a separated structure and it is simultaneously in relation with other structures and discourses, s/he is actually dealing with those aspects of discourse that Fairclough has gone through them immeasurably. 2-4 Literature Review CDA and its approach have had a loud voice among the discourse analyst and interpreters. There are numerous writings, which have dealt with theoretical aspect of it or have used it as method for analysis the sociocultural or even political events.

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