Jon Marks's Check Your Vocabulary for Natural English Collocations PDF

By Jon Marks

ISBN-10: 0713683171

ISBN-13: 9780713683172

Fee Your Vocabulary workbooks are geared toward non-native audio system who are looking to construct crucial vocabulary and learn how to communicate fluent and natural-sounding English.
For instance, in English we use assorted phrases to explain kinds of nutrients after they pass undesirable. we will be able to describe meat as rotten, cheese as mouldy, milk as bitter and butter as rancid - yet we might now not say bitter meat, or rotten milk. figuring out how phrases are obviously used jointly is named collocation.
A solid wisdom of those be aware mixtures tremendously improves the fashion of written and spoken language for non-native audio system. wisdom of collocations is usually established in checks reminiscent of IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC.
Containing quite a number observe video games, quizzes and routines, this workbook may also help intermediate newbies to increase middle language abilities in a not easy, but wonderful approach.

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