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Legislation of intracellular pH is key to all dwelling cells. This symposium covers the keep an eye on of pH in muscle and nerve cells and different mechanisms of acid shipping throughout epithelial and different mobile membranes. Papers describe the improvement and alertness of microelectrodes and diverse options in molecular biology to the examine of the mechanisms of protein shipping. additionally discusses the importance of pH legislation for the motion of hormones and progress elements.


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Wiley, Chichester (Ciba Foundation Symposium 139) p 23-46 Contraction in the heart is sensitive to changes of intracellular pH (pH,). For example, in skinned ventricular fibres (Fabiato & Fabiato 1978) and intact sheep cardiac Purkinje fibres (Vaughan-Jones et a1 1987), tension can decline with a fall in pH, roughly in accordance with the equation: tension (Y [H+]-’. The reasons for this inhibitory influence of acidosis are discussed elsewhere (Fabiato & Fabiato 1978, Vaughan-Jones et al 1987).

Vuughan-Jones:Yes it would be most prominent. It depends on whether a change of Na+ inside the cell can lead to a change of Ca2+ and whether changing Ca2+ can affect pHi. Grinstein: In our cells we never get changes in cytoplasmic Ca2+, as we change internal or external Na+. When Na+ is increased inside the cell, there is always an inhibition of Nat/H+ exchange, much like your shift to the left. Morad: If you patch-clamp these cells, basically you clamp the internal Ca2+. If you then give an NH4+ pulse, what happens?

These systems are not, therefore, examples of simple CI-/HCOI- exchange. At present, an anion exchanger in non-epithelial cells that is independent of Na+ has been identified in cardiac muscle (Vaughan-Jones 1981, 1986), smooth muscle (Aickin & Brading 1984) and neutrophils (Simchowitz & Roos 1985). In cardiac muscle, it is notable that the thermodynamic gradients for CI and HCO, ions predict that a simple anion exchange system, if it operated kinetically, would mediate C1- influx-HC0,- efflux, which is equivalent to a net acid influx (intracellular CI- activity is about 20 mM, so that ClJCl, >> H C O d HCO,,).

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