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Examines the development of prime scientists engaged on a variety of points of handedness in an effort to give some thought to the incidence of handedness within the organic international. offers in-depth insurance of the beginning and improvement of morphological asymmetry happening in such a lot varieties of dwelling organisms.


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Adv Protein Chem 34~167-339 Vologodskii AV, Lukashin AV, Frank-Kamenetskii MD, Anshelevich VV 1974 Knot problem in statistical mechanics of polymer chains. Zh Eksp Theor Fiz 66:2153-2163 DISCUSSION Morgan: Does it make any difference if one thinks about this in an evolutionary way? Presumably, the step from the structure of amino acids to a very complex protein like phosphofructokinase is a very large one and must have taken place gradually in many stages. Chothia: I have simplified things in a sense.

This underlies Michel’s (1982) observation that the folded a-helical molecules of rhodopsin crystallize into helical stacks with seven molecules in the helical pitch (7 x 52 = 360). The idea that right-handed a-helix forms left-handed helical aggregates and left-handed a-helix forms right-handed aggregates was tested by Tachibana & Kambara (1967). They synthesized poly-y-benzyl D- and Lglutamate, PBDG and PBLG, respectively, and concluded that PBDG produced aggregates with a right-handed twist and PBLG produced their mirror images.

Alternation is also a feature of the antibiotic Gramicidin A isolated from Bacillus brevis, which acts by forming channels through biological membranes. Koeppe et a1 (1978) a n d Heitz et a1 (1975) concluded that these alternating polypeptides have helical conformations. Heitz et a1 suggest that the conformation is very similar to an a-helix, but they d o not say whether it is a left- or right-handed helix and one cannot be favoured over the other on energetic grounds. Do both hands exist? Is there here an example of true helical enantiomorphism?

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