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Chapter 1 alternative ways of Carbohydrate Metabolism (pages 1–21): F. Dickens
Chapter 2 Nature and Intracellular Distribution of the Enzymes involved within the Metabolism of the Hexoses within the Liver (pages 22–43): Christian De Duve
Chapter three The Enzymatic Synthesis and constitution of Glycogen (pages 44–54): Carl F. Cori
Chapter four Hormonal affects within the Synthesis of fats from Carbohydrate (pages 55–69): F. D. W. Lukens
Chapter five The function of the Anterior Pituitary within the Synthesis of fats from Carbohydrate (pages 70–82): Alfred E. Wilhelmi
Chapter 6 results of Insulin and Corticoids on Lipogenesis in vitro (pages 83–94): S. J. Folley
Chapter 7 Responses of canine to Purified progress Hormone (pages 95–115): James Campbell
Chapter eight ACTH and progress Hormone as Diabetogenic components (pages 116–135): E. Reid
Chapter nine effect of the Adrenal Cortex on Carbohydrate Metabolism (pages 136–151): C. N. H Long
Chapter 10 Adrenal Cortex and Carbohydrate Phosphorylation (pages 152–165): F. Verzar
Chapter eleven Adrenocortical Steroids on Carbohydrate Metabolism in guy (pages 166–178): Jerome W. Conn
Chapter 12 medical Observations on Metabolism in weight problems (pages 179–192): H. W. Bansi
Chapter thirteen Hormonal keep watch over of Glycogen garage (pages 193–210): Jane A. Russels
Chapter 14 The impression of Insulin on Carbohydrate Metabolism (pages 211–223): C. H. Best
Chapter 15 Can different Fuels alternative for Glucose in Tissues Subjected to excessive Insulin task? (pages 224–232): D. R. Drury and A. N. Wick
Chapter sixteen Inhibitory impression of Pancreas Extract Uptake of the remoted Diaphragm and H?G. issue at the Insulin Glucose (pages 233–242): J. L. R Candela
Chapter 17 Human and Experimental Diabetes (pages 243–249): R. D. Lawrence
Chapter 18 reaction of the Liver to Insulin; Hepatic Vein Catheterization reports in guy (pages 250–262): A. G. Bearn, Barbara H. Billing and Sheila Sherlock
Chapter 19 The Insulinase and Insulinase?Inhibitor task of the Liver (pages 263–277): Arthur Mirsky
Chapter 20 ?strogens, Carbohydrate Metabolism, and Mitosis (pages 278–294): William S. Bullough
Chapter 21 Hormonal points of Carbohydrate Metabolism in Semen and Male Reproductive Organs (pages 295–304): T. Mann
Chapter 22 The influence of Castration and Steroid remedy on Seminal Plasma with admire to Fructose usage by means of common Bull Sperm (pages 305–317): F. X. Gassner, E. R. Rutherford, M. L. Hopwood and H. J. Hill
Chapter 23 a few Endocrine reports in Diabetic being pregnant (pages 318–329): Charles H. Gray
Chapter 24 being pregnant and Diabetes (pages 330–339): J. P. Hoet

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