New PDF release: Ciba Foundation Symposium - Tumour Viruses of Murine Origin

By G.E.W. Wolstenholme

ISBN-10: 0470719273

ISBN-13: 9780470719275

ISBN-10: 0470722711

ISBN-13: 9780470722718

Chapter 1 tackle of Welcome (pages 1–3): Professor Lucio Severi
Chapter 2 Chairman's starting feedback (pages 4–5): A. Haddow
Chapter three Morphology of Oncogenic and Non?Oncogenic Mouse Viruses (pages 6–55): W. Bernhard and N. Granboulan
Chapter four organic Assay and Serial Passage of the Mouse Mammary Tumour Agent in Mammary Tumours from moms and Their Hybrid Progeny (pages 56–81): John J. Bittner
Chapter five pressure variations within the Mammary Tumour?Inducing Virus as Detected through the Characters and behavior of Neoplasms (pages 82–106): Francesco Squartini and Lucio Severi
Chapter 6 at the identity and Characterization of the Milk Agent (pages 107–137): Dan H. Moore
Chapter 7 Observations and suggestions on Tumour Viruses (pages 138–158): J. Furth, ok. Yokoro and H. Takemoto
Chapter eight reports on Pathogenic homes and typical Transmission of a Mouse Leukaemia Virus (pages 159–175): Ludwik Gross
Chapter nine New Investigations at the pal ailment (pages 176–192): A. Chamorro, R. Latarjet, P. Vigier and F. Zajdela
Chapter 10 The prevalence and class of Spontaneous Malignant illnesses of the Haematopoietic process in Swiss Mice (pages 193–213): Charlotte good friend, Violet Darchun, Etienne De Harven and Jamil Haddad
Chapter eleven the prospective position of a Subcellular Leukae?Mogenic Agent in Homologous Transplantation of Mouse Leukaemic Tissue, and the tried Passage of Such an Agent via Tissue Cultures (pages 214–232): M. H. Salaman, okay. E. okay. Rowson and J. J. Harvey
Chapter 12 Leukaemogenesis in AKR Mice (pages 233–261): Donald Metcalf
Chapter thirteen function of the Thymus in Virus?Induced Leukaemia (pages 262–283): J. F. A. P. Miller
Chapter 14 the method of Viral Carcinogenesis within the Hamster Kidney with the Polyoma Virus (pages 284–301): A. W. Ham, E. A. McCulloch, L. Siminovitch, A. F. Howatson and A. A. Axelrad
Chapter 15 Tumours in Polyoma?Virus?Immunized Mice (pages 302–313): Sarah E. Stewart
Chapter sixteen Mouse Polyoma Virus in a Rural Ecology (pages 314–331): R. J. Huebner, W. P. Rowe, J. W. Hartley and W. T. Lane
Chapter 17 The homes of Mill Hill Polyoma Virus (MHP) (pages 332–364): G. Negroni
Chapter 18 stories on Transformation by means of Polyoma Virus in vitro (pages 365–379): Michael Stoker
Chapter 19 The in vitro research of Malignancy caused through Polyoma Virus (pages 380–394): Leo Sachs
Chapter 20 staff dialogue in precis of the Symposium and on customers for extra examine (pages 395–404):
Chapter 21 Chairman's final feedback (pages 418–419): A. Haddow

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L. (1953). /. 'xp. , 98, 157. GAYLORD, GRAFFI, A. Acta haerrid. (Basd), 20, 49. GRAFFI, A. (1958b). 'tc's. inti. M d . , 13, 961. GRAFFI,A. (1960). 111Berliner Syinposion iiber Fragen der Carcinogenese, p. 268. Berlin: Akademic-Verlag. , and BERNHARD, W. (1960). Bull. Ass. f m r i c . Caricer, 7, 291. GUBRIN,M. B i d . &riC. Carrccar, 42, 14. , and KAMAHARA, J. (1956). /. ,7, 571. HARTLEY, J. , and ROWE,W . P. (1960). Virolo'qy, 11, 645. HARVEN, E. DE (1961). 111Menlorial Volume for Charles Oberling.

1960) is localized in the nucleus; the others appear in the cytoplasm or at ONCOGENIC AND NON-ONCOGENIC MOUSE VIRUSES ~$3 the cell surfacc, and they arc supposcd to contain R N A rather than DNA. Among the non-oncogenic agents, two are nuclear (adenovirus, K virus), two are both nuclear and cytoplasmic (thymic agent and salivary gland virus). The others appear in the cytoI OhCOGE NIC - NON ONCOGENC o @ A A’ B MPV C D Ectro-nela Salivary gland virus Thymic 8 Hepatitis7 Adenovirus @ e agent iieovirus K-virus Thefler virus I FIG.

National Cancer Institute, Monograph No. 4, 3 13 ; and Edwards, Buffett and Furth [ 19601. /. nut. , 25, 2 3 ) made a thorough electron microscopic study of polyoma-virus-induced parotid tumours. Most tumour cells contained no virus; a few did. In most cells which contained virus, the particles were few and did not interfere with the structural integrity of the cell. It would seem that such cells can multiply and give the virus to their progeny. In addition, the polyoma tumours contained intercytoplasmic viral particles resembling those of leukaeniia.

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