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CK-12’s complex chance and Statistics-Second variation is a transparent presentation of the elemental subject matters in statistics and likelihood, yet finishes with the rigorous issues a complicated placement path calls for. quantity 1 comprises the 1st 6 chapters and covers the next themes: examining Statistical information, Visualizations of information, Discrete likelihood Distribution, basic Distribution, and Experimentation.

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This is not a hard and fast rule and is a good illustration of how many concepts in statistics are open to individual interpretation. 舡 Weighted Mean The weighted mean is a method of calculating the mean where instead of each data point contributing equally to the mean, some data points contribute more than others. This could be because they appear more often or because a decision was made to increase their importance (give them more weight). The most common type of weight to use is the frequency, which is the number of times each number is observed in the data.

To illustrate this, let舗s return to our data from the number of children in a household and calculate a 10% trimmed mean. 2, so we could remove 2 numbers, one from each end (2 total, or approximately 9% trimmed), or we could remove 2 numbers from each end (4 total, or approximately 18% trimmed). Some statisticians would calculate both of these and then use proportions to find an approximation for 10%. Others might argue that 9% is closer, so we should use that value. For our purposes, and to stay consistent with the way we handle similar situations in later chapters, we will always opt to remove more numbers than necessary.

Given the data 2, 10, 14, 6, which of the following is equivalent to ? a. mode b. median c. midrange d. range e. none of these 4. Place the following in order from smallest to largest. a. I, II, III b. I, III, II c. II, III, I d. II, I, III e. It is not possible to determine the correct answer. 5. On the first day of school, a teacher asks her students to fill out a survey with their name, gender, age, and homeroom number. How many quantitative variables are there in this example? a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d.

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