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ISBN-10: 038757025X

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Adem A., Milgram R.J. Cohomology of finite teams (Springer, 1994)(ISBN 354057025X)

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Cohomology of finite groups by Alejandro Adem PDF

Adem A. , Milgram R. J. Cohomology of finite teams (Springer, 1994)(ISBN 354057025X)

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We can now state the main application of Tate cohomology in this context, an extension of a result due to Nakayama and Rim ([N], [R]) recently proved by A. 6 Let M be a finitely generated torsion-free ZG-module, where G is a finite group. Then the following three statements are equivalent: 1. M is cohomologically trivial. 2. vi is ZG -projective. 3. jji (Sylp (G), M) = 0 for two values of i of different parity, V primes p dividing IGI. Proof. To prove the theorem note that by the preceding result, all three statements are equivalent to having M projective as a module restricted to all the Sylp( G).

Are two resolutions of Mover 7l(G). Then there are 7l(G)-maps ¢i: Ci -+1)i, the dia9ram o ::; i < 00, so o +-- M o N where each Ci is Z( G)-free. 3 For any Z( G)-module M we can construct a resolution. Indeed, take any set S of Z(G)-generators for M, mI, ... , mi,'" and define a map 81 O+-- M +-- Co +-- C1 +-- C2+-- ... 2 Let M be a Z( G)-module, then a resolution of Mover G is a long exact sequence of Z(G)-modules and Z(G)-module maps Oi, be a Z( G) -module map, and suppose 80 1· +-- +-- 80 +-- 1)0 60 Chapter II.

The dihedral action does not have trivial HI(71j2; 7lj2V), but the corresponding group for the semi-dihedral action is trivial. In the next section these results will be used to study the group of outer automorphisms of a p-group. ) Proof. We verify this using the bar resolution. Let rjJ: Bl(GjA)-----+A be a given G invariant cochain, so We have 88 8. The First Cohomology Group and Out (G) Chapter II. ej! eiej! ) . ) . )-I . A: GjA--,A be a map with A(l) = I, then the map TG---+G E 89 Ker(7: GjA---+Aut(A)) , (here 7 is the homomorphism induced by the conjugation action of GIA on A).

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