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By Jan Walraven (auth.), Heino Widdel, David L. Post (eds.)

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This publication is the made of examine research staff (RSG) thirteen on "Human Engineering overview at the Use of color in digital Displays," of Panel eight, "Defence purposes of Human and Biomedical Sciences," of the NATO Defence examine staff. RSG thirteen was once chaired via Heino Widdel (Germany) and consisted of Jeffrey Grossman (United States), Jean-Pierre Menu (France), Giampaolo Noja (Italy, aspect of contact), David publish (United States), and Jan Walraven (Netherlands). before everything, Christopher Gibson (United nation) and Sharon McFaddon (Canada) participated additionally. every one of these representatives served formerly at the NATO application committee that produced lawsuits of a Workshop on color Coded vs. Monochrome screens (edited via Christopher Gibson and released by way of the Royal plane institution, Farnborough, England) in 1984. RSG thirteen may be considered as a descendent of that application committee. RSG thirteen used to be shaped in 1987 for the aim of constructing and allotting assistance concerning the use of colour on digital screens. in the course of our first assembly, we mentioned the truth that, even supposing there's a super volume of data on hand referring to colour imaginative and prescient, colour belief, colorimetry, and colour displays-much of it suitable to exhibit design-it is scattered throughout a number of texts, journals, convention complaints, and technical experiences. We made up our minds that shall we satisfy the RSG's function top via generating a booklet that consolidates and summarizes this data, emphasizing these facets which are such a lot appropriate to reveal design.

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2 -x Figure 13. Chromaticity plot (x,y) of light adjusted to appear achromatic for different conditions of chromatic adaptation. The chromaticities of the adapting lights are located at the points where the radiating lines intersect the circumference of the chromaticity diagram. The common intersection point, in the center of the diagram, represents the white point under neutral adaptation. was kept constant, whereas that of the incremental test light AlA. /lA. 5, 1 and 5, respectively. The curves drawn through the data points are model predictions (Werner & Walraven, 1982).

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1979). Opponent chromatic mechanisms: Relation to photopigments and hue naming. Journal of the Optical Society of America, 69, 422-434. H. (1966). Spatial and chromatic integrations in the lateral geniculate body of the rhesus monkey. Journal of Neurophysiology, 29, 11151116. D. (1945). Colour sensitivity of the fovea centralis. Nature, 156, 119-121. D. (1952). The characteristics of tritanopia. Journal of the Optical Society of America, 42, 509-521. S. (1982). ). New York, NY: Wiley. 2 COLORIMETRY OF SELF-LUMINOUS DISPLAYS Terry Benzschawel New York, NY 10014 USA INTRODUCTION Color is that aspect of visible radiant energy by which an observer may distinguish differences between two structure-free fields of the same size and shape, such as may be caused by differences in the spectral composition of the radiant energy concerned in the observation (Wyszecki & Stiles, 1982).

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