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Scientists believe that Jupiter has much to teach us about how our Solar System formed and evolved. The Juno spacecraft will attempt to look 53 JUPITER beneath the planet’s colorful cloud cover and reveal the many secrets these clouds keep hidden. If all goes according to plan, Juno will reach Jupiter in 2016 after a five-year journey. Then it will begin a series of thirty-two elliptical orbits around the planet’s poles. The solar-powered craft will carry a variety of scientific instruments. Special instruments will probe beneath the clouds and measure energy coming from the planet’s interior.

On December 2, 1974, it came within 21,000 miles (34,000 km) of Jupiter’s cloud tops. 43 JUPITER Onboard scanners photographed the Great Red Spot as well as Jupiter’s polar regions. Other instruments performed a range of scientific tests, which included analyzing Jupiter’s atmosphere, auroras, and the planet’s magnetic field. After completing its flyby, Pioneer 11 streaked toward Saturn, reaching that planet in 1979. From Saturn, the spacecraft continued on a path that would eventually take it out of the Solar System.

Glossary asteroid—A small, rocky object orbiting the Sun. Most asteroids can be found in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Many asteroids are fragments of destroyed planets. Others form from the raw material that goes into making a complete planet. atom—The smallest building block of all matter. aurora —A colorful display of light around a planet’s poles. Auroras are caused by the interaction between atmospheric gases and electrically charged particles, usually from the Sun. axis —An imaginary straight line going through a planet, around which the planet rotates.

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