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By Evangeline Denmark

ISBN-10: 0310729661

ISBN-13: 9780310729662

Gray Haward has regularly detested the Chemists, the magicians-come-scientists who rule her small western city. yet she has continuously the principles, taking the potion the Chemists ration out that is helping the town's humans continue to exist. A potion that gray suspects she-like her grandfather and father-may no longer truly need.

By operating at her grandfather's fix store, sorting the small gears and dusting the curio cupboard inside of, gray has attempted to stick unnoticed-or as neglected as a tall, robust woman can in a city of diminutive, underdeveloped voters. Then her ally, Whit, is stuck by way of the Chemists' enforcers after attempting to shield gray one evening, and after seeing the level of his punishment, without warning taking hazards turns out the single determination she will be able to make.

But with the danger comes the truth that the Chemists recognize her family's mystery, and the Chemists quickly choose to use her for his or her personal reasons. Panicked, gray retreats to the one secure position she knows-her grandfather's store. There, despite the fact that, a bigger mystery confronts her while her contact unlocks the previous curio cupboard within the nook and divulges a global the place porcelain and clockwork individuals are actual. There, she may locate the foremost that can shop Whit's existence and in addition finish the Chemists' darkish rule ceaselessly.

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These three Ancients and their associated runes and colors trump each other in a r­ ock-paper-scissors mechanic, which players manipulate by imbuing weapons and protective spells with a particular color of magic designed to overcome monsters of the opposed (and weaker) color. Spells in Eternal Darkness are philosophical propositions with narrative context and magical force: for example, Xel’otath’s green rune trumps Ulyaoth’s blue rune because the dissolution of sanity erodes the mind. If the enemy chooses the Xel’otath rune on a given playthrough, then a cutscene shows Chattur’gha defeating Xel’otath, since in the game a healthy body can ultimately overcome the subtleties of sanity.

Because puzzles entail deciphering and manipulation of symbols, puzzles map naturally onto magic understood as the configuration of symbolic correspondences. If the symbols that players re-configure in a puzzle are metaphysically charged, then the manipulations of the puzzle can have metaphysical ­significance. One fictional example of a metaphysically significant p ­ uzzle is the Lament Configuration, which recurs throughout the extended Hellraiser mythos. The Lament Configuration is an elaborate puzzle box that can be re-configured in many patterns, one of which opens a gateway to another hellish dimension.

Koster argues that games aspiring to the condition of art would be ambiguous puzzles that “lend themselves to interpretation” and t­ herefore have multiple solutions (147). Espen Aarseth in Cybertext distinguishes between the configurative function by which a player interacts with a game, r­e-arranging and configuring its elements, and the interpretative function, by which a reader imaginatively transforms a text (64). As I argue in Quests, the interpretative and configurative functions can be bridged if the re-arrangements that the player makes also have meaning and significance (xiv).

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