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By Piers Anthony

Whilst Clio, the foundation of background, sat right down to pen the twenty-eighth quantity within the Chronicles of Xanth, she used to be surprised to find it was once already there! And, what was once worse, it was once absolutely unreadable, for the phrases on its pages have been fuzzed past comprehension.

Vexed and bewildered, and greater than a bit involved, Clio resolved to depart the quiet convenience of her examine at the slopes of Mount Parnassus, and ask her outdated pal, the great Magician Humfrey, to go looking an answer to her challenge in his publication of Answers.

But, a lot to her consternation, Humfrey required her to accomplish a mystical carrier prior to she may possibly gather her solution: to rescue Xanth's dragons from the verge of extinction prior to the fragile stability of its flora and fauna was once completely thrown out of whack.

Her momentous challenge lead her to a deadly Dragon international hidden among the Moons of Ida, throughout a dangerous panorama jam-packed with ask yourself and hazard, looking for the fabled Currant, a really infrequent purple berry that may carry the key she sought.

Along the best way she received a fellowship of partners, together with the courageous and gorgeous Becka Dragongirl, a couple of pocket dragons named Drew and Drusie, an enthralling younger baby known as Ciriana whose future was once someway entwined with hers, and Sherlock, a candy yet homely guy from Mundania who may simply be a grasp magician himself.

Together they progressively started to resolve the momentous secret of Xanth's lacking historical past. And Clio started to detect that Sherlock's enchantments had all started to paintings their manner into her heart.

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How could she have written a volume of history that she herself couldn't read? It didn't make sense. Was she losing her sight? Alarmed, she set the volume down and picked up the one next to it. That one was clear enough: PET PEEVE, with a picture of a disgruntled bird. That was incomplete, because it hadn't happened yet; she was working on it. So she checked the prior volume: CUBE ROUTE, which was complete. That was the story of a girl with gumption, and the text was quite clear. So it wasn't her eyes, which was a relief.

The red one indicates your remaining time. " But his attention had returned to his page. He had tuned her out. Wira appeared. " "Time to go! " "Please. " Clio found herself ushered out of the study and down the winding stone stairs. Her head seemed to be spinning. She had decided to trust Humfrey enough to go along with his demand for a Service, but it had turned out to be preposterously impractical. And for what? For the news that she needed a magic red berry to read her own book. If Humfrey had not lost all his wits, surely he had mislaid some of them.

I appreciate that," she said somewhat coldly as she rubbed her indignant bottom. "I mean, they're different. My right hand helps others, but my wrong hand roves. " She saw his problem. " "Not exactly. " "Tending the drawbridge," she agreed. "No. " She gazed at him. " "That's right. Any querent has to navigate three Challenges before getting into the castle to query the Good Magician. " "I know that. " The hovering suspicion abruptly landed. She was indeed being subjected to the Challenges. That was as outrageous to her mind as was the goose to her bottom.

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