Friedrich Lenz's Deictic Conceptualisation of Space, Time and Person PDF

By Friedrich Lenz

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This quantity is a set of articles which current the result of investigations into the grammar, semantics and pragmatics of deictic expressions in numerous languages. unique emphasis is put on contrastive reviews that take cognitive and cultural context under consideration. either the empirical and theoretical reports specialize in the ways that spatial, temporal, own and textual entities are conceptualised and said. The cognitive process proves to be a promising viewpoint combining features of notion, reasoning and linguistic expression to bare what appears to be like on the very center of deictics.

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In this case he can use este (…) as well as ese (…) and even aquel (…), although taken objectively, all places referred to are on his own body and therefore undoubtedly within his region of proximity. (Hottenroth 1982: 141) Deictics in the conversational dyad In this context, the distance-oriented perspective leaves out the hearer‘s perspective and three diŸerent regions are modelled around the speaker-ego. e. the speaking subject. (Hottenroth 1982: 142). The diŸerentiation is made between este for proximal, ese for medial and aquel for distal areas and thus a sequence is established.

The three-term system of European Portuguese has only one heterotopic term este, which shows multiple functions like the English data, because it may refer to the shared space or to the egocentric space. Esse refers to the hearer-side space and aquele to the outside, which is negatively determined ‘where you and I are not’. Note that not all two-term systems are like the English system in diachronic perspective, the English two-term system has developed from an earlier threeterm system by cutting the third term yonder.

The Croatian two-term system spoken in the City of Zagreb (Zi¦c Fuchs 1996) has developed from an earlier three-term system by cutting the second or middle term. To contrast European and Brazilian Portuguese (Meira/Guirardello forthcoming), the latter uses the ªrst term (esse) for three regions: for the inside space, for the speaker-side and for the hearer-side region, thus keeping the other term aquele for just the outside world. As in German and English, misunderstandings are avoided by the addition of locational adverbs: esse aqui for the speaker-side region, esse aí for the hearer-side region.

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