Descriptive English grammar by Homer C. House, Susan Emolyn Harman PDF

By Homer C. House, Susan Emolyn Harman

This e-book offers the instructor and scholar with fabric for an entire path in English grammar, overlaying the elemental ideas of English utilization. textual content is split into elements, grammatical shape and sentence research. Sentence diagramming illustrates the key and minor parts of every sentence, and gives a visible reduction in objectifying the sentence devices.

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USES OF THE SUBJUNCTIVE 61. The word subjunctive, like many another grammatical term, is likely to be misleading, in that it cannot with strict regard for its etymology be applied to all uses of the mode. , subordinate) to other verbs. But it is likewise found in some independent constructions: Subjunctive in Principal Clauses 1. Expressing a wish (optative 9): Thy kingdom come. Now God be good to us! 2. Expressing a command (hortative): Come one, come all. Raise we now our hearts and voices. 3.

A few words made up of two noun forms pluralize both elements: Singular Knight Templar Lord Justice Lord Provost manservant woman cook Plural Knights Templars Lords Justices Lords Provosts menservants women cooks XVI. a. Most proper nouns form their plurals by adding -s to the singular: 23 Compounds with man as any part of the compound usually become plural by changing man to men. It is well to remember that such words as German, Mussulman, OUoman, talisman, Norman are not compounds with man as final element.

Ional in that the s of the singular is sounded as z in the plural. Sec WriJZ;ht: An Elementary Historical New English Grammar, page 133 f)xford lTniv('rsity Pn-ss, 1924). 25 Nouns III. a. Many nouns ending in -/ or -fe change J to v and add -es or -s to form the plurals: Singular beef calf elf half knife loaf leaf Plural beeves calves elves halves knives loaves leaves Singular life self shelf sheaf wolf wife Plural lives selves shelves sheaves wolves wives b. However, many nouns ending in-for -fe merely add -s to form their plurals, without change in the consonant: Singular belief brief cliff chief dwarf fife gulf grief hoof Plural beliefs briefs cliffs chiefs dwarfs fifes gulfs griefs hoofs or hoovesia Singular kerchief reef roof scarf safe strife staff waif Plural kerchiefs reefs roofs scarfs or scarves 13 safes strifes staffs or staves 13 waifs IV.

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