Dimension and Recurrence in Hyperbolic Dynamics - download pdf or read online

By Luis Barreira

ISBN-10: 3764388811

ISBN-13: 9783764388812

The major target of this publication is to provide a huge unified advent to the learn of size and recurrence in hyperbolic dynamics. It contains the dialogue of the rules, major effects, and major strategies within the wealthy interaction of 4 major parts of study: hyperbolic dynamics, size concept, multifractal research, and quantitative recurrence. It additionally supplies a landscape of a number of chosen issues of present learn curiosity. greater than 1/2 the fabric looks right here for the 1st time in ebook shape, describing many contemporary advancements within the sector equivalent to themes on abnormal units, variational rules, purposes to quantity concept, measures of maximal measurement, multifractal nonrigidity, and quantitative recurrence. all of the effects are integrated with particular proofs, a lot of them simplified or rewritten on function for the booklet.

The textual content is self-contained and directed to researchers in addition to graduate scholars that desire to have a world view of the speculation including a operating wisdom of its major options. it is going to even be necessary as as foundation for graduate classes in size idea of dynamical platforms, multifractal research, and pointwise size and recurrence in hyperbolic dynamics.

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18) where the infimum is taken over all finite covers C of Σ by cylinder sets in the collection HN = {C Ci1 ···in : n ≥ N and (i1 i2 · · · ) ∈ Σ}. 4. Given a compact set Σ ⊂ Σ+ Σ ⊃ Σ and a continup such that σ ous function ϕ : Σ → R we have P (ϕ) = inf α : lim M (α, N ) = 0 . N →∞ Proof. Clearly N −1 M (α, N ) ≤ i1 ···iN exp −αN + sup Ci1 ···iN k=0 ϕ ◦ σk . 20) On the other hand, given ε > 0 there exists C > 0 such that for every N ∈ N, N −1 exp i1 ···iN sup Ci1 ···iN k=0 ϕ ◦ σk ≤ Ce(P (ϕ)+ε)N . 20) that M (α, N ) ≤ e−αN Ce(P (ϕ)+ε)N → 0 as N → ∞.

By the uniform continuity of ϕ in X, the last supremum goes to 0 as diam U → 0. 39) is automatically satisfied. Given U ∈ Wn (U), we set ϕ(U) = supX(U) ϕn −∞ if X(U) = ∅, otherwise. 3. Nonstationary geometric constructions where the infimum is taken over all finite or countable collections Γ ⊂ such that U∈Γ X(U) ⊃ Z. We also set k≥n Wk (U) PZ (Φ, U) = inf{α ∈ R : M (Z, α, Φ, U) = 0}. The following result was established by Barreira in [3]. 2 (Nonadditive topological pressure). The following properties hold: 1.

25) we obtain Since ϕ < 0 this implies that the function s → P (sϕ) is strictly decreasing. 26) that lim P (sϕ) = +∞ and s→−∞ lim P (tϕ) = −∞. 2. Thermodynamic formalism and dimension theory 29 Therefore, there exists a unique real number s satisfying P (sϕ) = 0. 23). 1, although now using the thermodynamic formalism and for an arbitrary symbolic dynamics. We start with the construction of a Moran cover. 4) holds. 5). ,p λk . 10) the sets int Δ(ω, r) are pairwise disjoint. 27) and elementary geometry, there exists a constant C > 0 (independent of r) such that for each x ∈ Rm the ball B(x, r) intersects at most a number C of sets Δ(ω, r).

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