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By David Shapiro

Dr. David Shapiro's first new booklet in ten years, Dynamics of personality deepens his now-classic reports of psychopathology with this conceptualization of a dynamics of the full character--a self-regulatory process that encompasses own attitudes, modes of task, and dating with the exterior international. Extending and magnifying Shapiro's unique imaginative and prescient of psychopathology, Dynamics of personality is a resonantly reasoned reaction to the relief of complicated approaches of brain to items of organic disorder of mental trauma.

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In the second case, a departure from the strictures of duty is translated by a rigid obsessive scrupulousness into a heedless and irresponsible action. In the third case, an inoffensive, but personal communication is experienced as an audacious presumption by an individual who has learned to keep her place. Each of these utterances constitutes an act and embodies an attitude that is inimical to the existing character in a specific way, and each evokes anxiety of a specific quality. Rather than saying that an unconscious idea of a particular danger triggers these anxieties, one might say the reverse: Any idea of danger that may be implied by these anxious sensations of surrender, cockiness, and brazenness, as well as their specific qualities, will be the creations of the prohibitions of the individual neurotic character.

That threat was at least partially replaced by the internal structural threat of "punishment" by the superego. But the change was incomplete, for an idea of parental prohibition and punishment was still assumed to stand behind the superego. There is a way to test this proposal that anxiety is not an anticipation of "dangers which no longer exist," but a direct sensation of threat to the existing character. It can be tested by examining the individual quality and content of anxiety in persons of particular character.

In my own clinical experience and that of many others, furthermore, the symptom of compulsive hand washing is regularly associated with other compulsive symptoms, such as precautionary checking and rechecking that the door is locked, the oven turned off, and so on, or with obsessional symptoms, such as agonizing indecision. All these symptoms reflect, as I shall describe in more detail later, a special and peculiar kind of conscientiousness. Such symptoms are, in other words, expressions of psychological dynamics and products of certain attitudes and ways of thinking.

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