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By Michael D. Fried, Moshe Jarden (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3662072165

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Therefore it is independent of the order of the factors. In particular, ifRe(s) > 1, then (s):;060. Proof: The prime divisors are free generators for the group of divisors. Thus, for every positive integer m if Re(s) > 1, then n n L (Np)-sk= L 00 N-flm (Na)-S, where the prime in the second sum means that a runs over all nonnegative divisors with norm exceeding m whose prime divisors p satisfy Np ~ m. It follows that Na>m and the right hand side converges to zero as m tends to infinity.

Thus i=l wi: , ... , W29 are the inverses of the zeros of Lr Obviously IWil ="01 if and only if IWil =Vqr. The lemma follows. /Kr of degree 1 by N r . 16: Let Fbeafunctionfield ofone variable over afield K ofq elements. If there exists a constant c such that INr - (qr + 1)1 ::; cqr/2 for every positive integer r, then the Riemann hypothesis holds for F/ K. Proof: Apply the differential operator D = - t ddlog to both sides of the formula L(t)= t 29 n (1 -W;(): ;= 1 (2) The lemma hypothesis thus implies Ii~l wi I::; cqr/2.

M. A field is complete if every Cauchy sequence converges. It is standard to embed Fin a (unique) complete field F;, with a valuation v extending the valuation of F such that F is dense in~. [BoS, Chap. 1, Sec. 1]. , an element of F such that v p (n)=l). Suppose that the residue field Fp of F at p is separable over K. Then the completion Fp is isomorphic to the field Fp«n)) of formal power series in n over Fp. = L aini, where m is an integer and aiEFp. )=m. i=m Suppose now that F is a finite separable extension of a function field E over K.

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